“I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. My first memory is conjuring up three wolves when I was four years old. They lived in our bedroom curtains.”

I write shorts stories, novels and make movies. It wasn’t always in that order but it will take some time to explain what it was like, so instead I invite you to never wait, never make excuses for why the time is not right to follow your most private dreams and, as Ray Bradbury so passionately said, To love what you do, and to do what you love.

I used to pursue a career as a film director to “change the world” of entertainment. I used to write to “save our youth”.

Now, I simply follow the pen first and foremost, and do whatever it asks of me. It is my deepest wish for everyone to choose their soul’s call over the noise. 

Publishing Frequency

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  • MIDWEEK Pick-Me-Up short story emails every Wednesday (opt in here to receive Wednesday’s short stories)

Goodwill Currency

For all it’s worth, I have contemplated the question of money and the artist for a long time. Here is an abbreviated version of the conclusion I’ve reached so far.

Before becoming a full time writer, I produced and directed every single film of mine on donations from the community. Likewise, today I make my living writing entirely from the goodwill of other people. My soul longs to be a co-creator, its tools - the pen and the film camera. Ignoring the intensity of longing to participate actively in understanding who I am, in relation to you and creation, makes me more than miserable. I do not intend to keep my writing stored away until “the right opportunity.” Being here, you already have the fruits of my labour and are free to republish and share them as you wish and to show your support also as you see fit.

I wish for my fifteen year old step-daughter to inhabit a culture where worth is measured not by how much money she has, but by the extent to which she improves the quality of life for those around her. And since only wishing will not do the job, I choose to give my talents to the collective freely, to be an example for her, working as hard as anyone else in any vocation. Consider yourselves empowered to contribute financially not because I reeled you in by following the most trendy marketing strategies, but because you see the value of my work reflected in your own community and life.

I’ve discovered life to be a constant negotiation of giving and receiving. My writing and films are my gifts to you and humankind. My goal is to prosper and grow in my creative process on goodwill currency.