Bai Bogdan,

Please forgive the familiarity, I became aware of the making of your movie a few years ago, when there were clips of segments online, including one with The Teacher, whose playing of the instrument in 2011 started a slow-developing passion for me -an Irish/Indian who first started singing Bulgarian concert folk music in London in 2008- and eventually became My Teacher (I really hope I'm not mixing up movies! Anyway, Nikolay Doktorov...). 2013 saw my first instrument, and 2020 my first lessons with the man. I now travel to take lessons with him when life permits and online has reached its limits.

It seems Alexander Eppler was a special man, and there are those of us that that instrument and your country weaves its frequencies through and tugs us back to some part of our souls' home...

Congratulations for the premiere of the movie. Unfortunately, I left on August 2nd, choosing not to go to Koprivshtitsa this year though my choirs and dance group had members all going, due to the timing for lessons being better the second half of July. I would have loved to have been there for it, though.

And all of this to say, is the movie going to be coming to Switzerland anytime? I am sure there would be a good reception for it, as it was here that the first Le Mystère de Voix Bulgares was produced (I have connections to those networks, though can't say that I have a knack for event hosting), as well as many folk music groups, dance groups and immigrant Bulgarian communities...

I am very curious to learn of this story...

Warm greetings, congratulations again, and all best wishes.


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Hi Murrough, we would love to come to Switzerland. We're currently planing the European Tour. Let's connect via email and then a phone call. Send me an email to bogdan@bogdandarev.com. Looking forward to talking to you!

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Exciting times!

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