Well, I got around to watching This Baba last night. What a beautiful woman! And so lovingly and respectfully filmed. Such a lovely meeting to share with the world.

Triangle of Sadness was well worth the watch, if only for the wide open shot of the Russian agricultural magnate declaring his profession. It's a little over the top, as if it were made for the stage, but a lot of fun, and tragically accurate. I imagine... I don't move in those circles.

I wanted to reply about Banshees. As an Irish person (it was very well-received there), there's a lot that didn't work for me. The accents are incongruent (they're from an island, all of them), the manners of speaking also, and it also went a bit extreme, though I think that's often a modern styling. I did absolutely love In Brugges, the director's first feature with the two leading actors.

But yeah, Polegnala e Tudora as the opening audio. Beautiful, but why?! Then I realised, I'm only overly sensitised to it and if it was another song from another culture, it would just have been beautiful music setting a bucolic scene. I learned at the end that the film was shot on the island (Achill) where all my summer holidays were spent, and on the opposite side of the bay from where my father retired to.

Incidentally, about 13 years ago, I brought members of my then-choir (London Bulgarian Choir) over to County Mayo. We sang in the local pub (underwhelming), to the sunrise by the Atlantic, and on top of our local holy mountain (Croagh Patrick - we sang Tukala Li Si sitting behind the chapel, and got ourselves invited on local radio for the following Monday, only we left on the next day). So, not the first time that rich Bulgarian harmonies have caressed those shores.

I highly recommend The Lobster, from Colin Farrell's back catalogue.

Also, during Corona, I managed to watch pretty much all of Akira Kurosawa's movies (it had been a personal objective, and absolutely worth it). Red Beard, Dodesu'kaden really stood out, but not only.

Happy Monday!

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Hunger Games.

I am not a TV person. I watch movies sometimes. I don’t like the Oscars anymore... my favorite movies are a surprise to my sensitive character 🫣 Django unchained and Inglorious bastards.... ya ya ya and My Big Fat Greek Wedding ...

My recent movie i watched on Valentine’s and I recommend is

“The lake house” ... made my tears remind me I was alive... and I can’t wait to see John Wick: chapter 4

I make note on co-parenting

... and I did not get the email with this post of yours...

have a super week ahead!

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I recently watched The Woman King. As a woman, I found this to have many layers woven into a compelling story. The women were in different categories of people; some were strong, some were confident, some hid their strengths, some flaunted their power. Men and women had these traits, some rose in power by sheer will, some were called out for over estimating their power. Viola Davis is always worth watching in part because she won't take a bad roll. Men will not be offended. I watched it with a man. Men will learn something about what women deal with. Netflix has it.

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