Both themes are great! I vote for step dad because I am looking forward to learn from your experience and share it. I do believe parents of any kind could learn so much from your stories as a dad. 90% living with you make you true dad!!!

Can’t wait to write with you! This collaboration will upgrade my writing, you are a writer I have to learn a lot from.

Thank you.

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Jun 11Liked by Bogdan Darev

Greetings Bogdan!

I vote for step up dad.

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Hey, Bogdan! Both writing topics are excellent! I personally love reading biographies and I would like to know more about your journey in America, so I vote for "How I got to do what I love". However, I think the other topic "Step Up Dad" is unique and would yield better stories and also I imagine that it would be more rewarding for you to write it. Then, discard my vote and choose "Step Up Dad".

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